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Tourism and Hospitality

Hiking and Walking along the Footpaths behind Scarborough.

The hiking public have always been encouraged to enjoy Baskloof.

We charge a nominal fee, which contributes to path management, signage and alien clearing.

We request that you observe the following:

  • - Groups should not be more than 12 persons.
  • - To please stay on the designated paths.
  • - Dogs on leashes.
  • - No picking of flowers or removal of rocks.
  • - No horse riding or mountain bike riding.

Required Permits for Hiking Trails:

Get your permit at the HUB in Scarborough for selection of hikes starting from Hilltop Road in Scarborough Village.

R150 per person per annum. Or R30 per person per day.

Purchased from:

The Village Hub, Scarborough.
Between 08h00 and 18h00, 7 days a week.


“What will save us is not technology or science. What will save us is the ethical transformation of our society.”
Eduardo Agosta Scarel.

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