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Environment & Conservation


After being influenced by the likes of Prof. Richard Cowling & Dr. Shirley Pierce, and the Redhill Conservation Group (Jeremy & Alida Croudace - the visionaries and driving force of conservation in the South Peninsula), we embarked on an extensive & intensive alien clearing project starting in 1992, that continues today.

Large tracts of land and mountainous areas have been cleared of Rooikrans Acacia Cyclops , Port Jackson Acacia saligna, Acacia Longifolia and many bluegum trees. Initial funding was obtained from WWF, Working for Water, Landcare (an initiative of the Dept. of Agriculture) together with our own funding and personal efforts.

We consistently and systematically continue major alien clearing follow-up programs which are funded and managed by ourselves.

We committed the 3 adjoining properties CF 789;76 + 983/4 to conservation ( a total of approx. 310 hec.), registering Baskloof Fynbos Private Nature Reserve in 1995 with the then Cape Nature Conservation.

Restoring and managing this unique & beautiful area as a pristine botanical "hotspot", a part of the Buffer Zone for the World Heritage Site, has given us immense pleasure, appreciation and a real understanding of how fragile & inter-dependant natural systems are, and how they function.


"Conservation is not just about saying and being passionate about Nature, it is about Doing: Conserve, Recycle, Care for your Environment."

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